CrossFit CIC Performance WOD– Saturday, January 30th Starting at 9 am.


CrossFit CIC Team Performance WOD– Saturday, January 30th Starting at 9 am.

You have this week to pick your Team of Three for this Saturday!


  1. At least one member must be scaled. No super teams.
  2. You may gender mix your team.
  3. One Bar per Team. Choose wisely.
  4. You may begin changing the weight for the next WOD the moment the team member finishes the weighted component of their current WOD.

Each team member picks a Benchmark WOD. Teammate #1 will complete Fran then tag Teammate #2.   Teammate #2 will complete Diane and then tag Teammate #3. Teammate #3 then completes Grace.

Once all 3 Bench Mark WOD’s are completed, the team moves to the final WOD and completes it as a Team of 3.


Each Partner must complete a full round before the next partner goes. No one teammate can do back to rounds. All 3 partners must complete 2 rounds each.


Scaling will not be based on a weight or movement. Instead, it will be based on the Scaled Athletes true ability.

Example #1 Named Workout Diane: If the athlete possesses the ability to do Handstand Push-ups but can only do a 95#lb Deadlift, then that Athlete’s standards will be full Handstand Push-up and 95# Deadlift.

Example #2 Named Workout Fran: If the athlete can only perform 35lbs Thruster and Ring Rows, then that will be their standard for this event.

As a team of 3, you must complete the following with one member working at a time:

WOD #1: Fran 21-15-9

Thruster 95/65#


WOD #2: Diane 21-15-9

Deadlift 225/155#


WOD #3: Grace 30

Clean and Jerk 135/95#

WOD #4: 6 Rounds*

20 WBS 20/14#

20/15-Calorie Row

Score is total time to complete all 4 WODS!


The purpose of this is for everyone to come out and have some fun and build Commuity!!!  CrossFit is inclusive.

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