Cara Blanchard Training

As you may know, we created a page to support our community.  Today’s post is to share with you Cara Blanchard Training.  Cara is Butch’s daughter.  For those of us that have kids this is a great opportunity to get them involved this summer.  Please read below.

Cara Blanchard Training
Share the love of horses at Cara Blanchard Training!  We offer a safe, enjoyable and educational environment for students of all ages and experience. We are excited to offer a variety of programs, from private lessons for all ages to clubs to camps and parties.
Horses have so much to teach us about love, patience and ourselves.  Their beauty and grace provide an amazing calming effect on everyone around them.  At Cara Blanchard Training, we pride ourselves on transforming our students into horse lovers by our natural approach to teaching and appreciating our equine friends.
All of our lesson horses have been professionally trained and meet our strict safety standards.  They are pleasant to work with and truly enjoy their work as ambassadors and teachers.  They look forward to the time they spend with their students. We teach young and old how relax and  have fun with these beautiful creatures.  We offer many different learning opportunities and tailor our lessons to each rider’s specific needs.
We strive to keep our horses happy and healthy so that they can become the extreme athletes they were meant to be.  Our training program promotes harmony between horse and rider.
Give us a call and schedule a visit to meet us and our beloved horses. 352-406-8199

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