Testimonials and Success Stories

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I’ve not quite made it to the goal I had set on the scale but I’ve also realized that the scale doesn’t matter as much as how I look or how I feel. I’ve officially been doing Crossfit for 10 months now. At first I was hoping Crossfit would offset my terrible eating habits. I soon learned that I had to get my nutrition in order and did a 24 day Challenge through Advocare. Once my nutrition got in line I really started seeing changes during my workouts. I’m down 20 lbs, completed my first Crossfit Open and have seen big changes in what I’m now able to do each and every day when working out. Thank you to the coaches and community of Crossfit CIC. I could not have made the changes I did without the constant encouragement this family offers. I look forward to my workouts and honestly get upset when I can’t get to the box and work out. 




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Shout to our member Jorge Garcia

“Crossfit CIC has helped me turn my life around, I’m am now living a fitter healthier lifestyle. I have finally found something that works! I joined Crossfit CIC in December weighting in at 240 and today I am at 209. I’m not done yet I will keep working hard to reach my goal of 190 pounds. I know I will reach my goal because I am a member of Crossfit CIC and have a support system to hold me accountable and keep pushing forward!”


Dear Crossfit CIC

I wanted to let you know about the great news we recently got from my daughter Uilani’s dr.

Ui was diagnosed 2 years ago with scoliosis at the age of 11. She had a curvature of the spine in excess of 20 degrees. This required her to get a custom made brace that she had to wear every night.

During the first year she showed some improvement but not enough to get her out of the brace. Starting back in Feb of 2014, we enrolled her at Crossfit CIC which my wife and I had been going to for about 6 months. Ui wanted to try the workouts and loved it. She followed the coaches instruction for proper form at all times especially regarding the mobility portion.

During the next 6 months Ui went 3-4 times a week to Crossfit and showed improvement in her strength, endurance and body fat loss. When we took her back for her 6 month scoliosis check up the doctor was blown away by her improvement. When he asked her what she had been doing, she proudly told him Crossfit. He told her not only to keep it up, but if we could find a way to bottle it up and give it to other kids we would be rich! He told us that her curvature had improved so much that by the end of the year he was going to take her out of her brace permanently. She was now under the 20 degrees (17) and would no longer need the brace. He attributes the mobility and weight bearing exercises she had been doing along with always using her brace to her improvement.

Thanks CIC for the coaching, training and family atmosphere that encourages young women like Ui & Kiana (my other daughter) to always want to come and get their WOD on!


Tom & Kawai 



“I don’t know where to begin to show my gratitude for everyone at this box!  You all have truly become like a second family to me and I will miss every single one of you dearly.  Thank you to all the coaches and members who really pushed me through all of the WODs and making me become the best I have ever been physically.  You have also taught me that giving up is not in our vocabulary as crossfitters.  Because of you all, I am a better person all around and more than ready to join the Coast Guard.  When I say this, I truly mean that it is going to be extremely hard to find another box as good as CIC!  But the good things is, I will be bringing CIC with me wherever I may go.  This is not a goodbye, but rather see you in the near future.  Again, thank you so much for making crossfit a part of my life!”




It was a little over a year ago when I was on vacation and a friend told me about her CrossFit experience.  I told her it sounded like pure torture!  Two weeks later I walked in for my first free WOD.  I was absolutely terrified!  But afterwards, I knew I was hooked.  The feeling I get from hitting a PR (personal record) or simply making it through a tough WOD is like nothing else.  The members at CIC are like family.  They’re always there to encourage and support me.  I started CIC two months after my mom passed away and having CrossFit and CIC has really helped me move on and heal.  I’ve found a new strength I never knew I had.  Even after 18 months of personal training I hadn’t seen the results I’ve gotten from three to four days a week at the CrossFit Box.  When there’s a movement I’m not quite ready for, the coaches are there to help me scale it to my level.  I’ve elected being active and eating healthy in lieu of medicating my Fibromyalgia.  At 43, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’m not done yet.  So bring it on!




What a difference an almost year makes.  A before pic in Nov-2013 and an after pic Sept 2014.  Thank you Crossfit CIC I am a healthier person because of all of you.  I have a ways to go, but I am so happy with my results Love my Crossfit family.

I want you to see the difference you have made in my life, in less then one year.  It brings tears of joy to my eyes the commitment you have all made for all of us.  I am in graditude of you all for being there, to encourage, teach, guide and lead all your students to the level we have all risen to…. You all do make a difference in this world.  I cannot thank you enough.  Everyone of you hold a very special place in my heart.  Thank you, Thank you and yeah one more Thank You.




“I wanted to tell you that I’m so glad to be part of CF CIC and most of all really happy to have met you and Scott. You are both so awesome!”



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