Scott Starr

I grew up playing team sports, particularly soccer. I understand the value of being apart of something greater than your self. This was one of the ideals that led me to the Marine Corps. During boot camp, I won the series “Iron Man” award for having the highest overall PFT (Physical Fitness Test) score for Pull-ups, Sit-up and 3 mile run. Something I’m very proud of to this day. In the Corps, they don’t give you anything but the opportunity to earn everything. I remember a Sergeant (whom I respected immensely) telling me that the Corps will get what it wants out of you, but it’s up to you to get what you want out of the Corps.

I find this ideal to be particularly prudent to CrossFit. I obtained my Level 1 Certificate not only to be a better CrossFitter, but to create an environment where like-minded people can come together to achieve their fitness goals amongst a culture of community, support and fun!

Semper Fi!

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holder
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer Certificate Holder
  • Bachelor of Arts – Communication – University of Central Florida

Marisol Starr

I did not grow up competing in team or individual sports in Puerto Rico. I grew up with Denise Austin videos and legwarmers! ☺ As a family, we were always swimming/snorkeling, camping and hiking throughout the Island. So I was active in a communal sense.

Throughout college and over the years I have done the typical gym membership, running, aerobics, you name it. I always struggled to stay consistent. There was no one to be held accountable to outside of myself. So as you can imagine, my results were never consistent. Then my husband started CrossFitting in 2010. He never attempted to convince me to do CrossFit. I continued to do “my own” thing. He was always so excited to go to CrossFit and I began to notice his results. I decided to check this CrossFit thing out for myself and went with him to a free Saturday WOD. I was nervous, apprehensive and thought maybe I made a mistake! But everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. There were people of all different athletic backgrounds and they all cheered people on as they did the WOD. I had never seen anything like this and finally understood why he was so addicted. It’s not just the WOD or exercising; it’s the sense of community and support you receive while chasing your fitness goals.

This is our goal with CIC. We want to create a culture of community and support while you work towards your fitness goals whatever they may be.

  • Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – University of Central Florida
  • Currently working on a Nutrition Certificate from Washington State University
  • In the process of applying for the Masters in Science in Leadership Development and Strategy from Michigan State University