About Us

CrossFit CIC is a community-based box specializing in Functional Fitness.

We chose the name CrossFit CIC because we believe it represents the ideals of CrossFit: Community, Integrity and Commitment.


You are apart of something bigger than yourself! The CrossFit community is like no other.   You have a support group of like-minded individuals that will cheer you on all the way to your fitness goals.  All you have to do is walk through the door.  The sense of Community will take care of the rest.


Do everything with integrity! For in the end, there is no other way.


No goal can be achieved without committing to it fully. Consistency and change are a direct consequence of commitment.

We offer free first time WOD’s.  Go to our Visitors Page (Register here ) to sign up and pick a class time convenient for you!  There is no contractual commitment. Come check us out! We would love to add you to the CrossFit CIC Family!