24 Day Challenge – Monday, January 18th

Looking to loose inches, increase your athletic performance and restore your body back to a balanced state?  Then the 24 Day Challenge is for you.

This challenge will put you in the right mindset to make some significant changes in eating habits for yourself and loved ones.  This program gives you the jump start your body needs to reach your fitness and overall wellness goals.

A group of CIC members are beginning the next Challenge Monday, January 18th.  Everyone that wants to participate must let us know by 1/11/2016 so that we can ensure that everyone gets their products in on time for the challenge.  For those participating, a pre and post InBody Analysis will be included with your purchase (a $60 saving).  The analysis gives you a good baseline of where you started before the challenge and how you finished providing you with essential data that includes lean body mass, body fat percentage, levels of hydration, basal metabolic rate and segmental lean analysis.

Coach Carleigh will be the lead of this Challenge.  For purchasing information and pricing please email carleigh@crossfitcic.com.

The challenge consists of two parts: Cleanse Phase and Max Phase.

  • Cleanse Phase – Days 1-10:
    • Herbal Cleanse: The purpose of this phase is to internally cleanse our system from toxins such as preservatives, synthetic sweeteners and any built up toxins that occurs over time in our system. The cleanse is non laxative meaning non eventful.
    • Probiotic: The function of the probiotic is to help build the good culture bacteria in our digestive tract.
    • Omega Plex: Included in this phase are the Omega 3 Fatty Acids (healthy fats) which is an essential component of the heart, nerve, muscle, skin and immune health.
    • Spark: A nutritionally advanced energy drink that is sugar free backed with vitamin B and 21 additional vitamins and minerals that work together to give you energy and mental focus.
    • Once the body is cleansed from toxins our machines will be ready to absorb the nutrients moving us into the Max Phase.
  • Max Phase – Days 11-24:
    • MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System): This comprehensive pack includes the micro nutrients (daily multivitamin, probiotic, calcium, omega 3s, thermo genic component and other added wellness supplements) you need on a daily basis to ensure your body is balanced and not lacking vitamins and minerals.
    • Meal Replacement: This product is very convenient for members that need a snack or to fill in for a meal.
    • Spark (see above for details)Your CIC coaches, staff and members are here to support you as we grow and learn together as a unified community.For more information or if you have questions please email marisol@crossfitcic.com
    • Resources to assist you with the Challenge:
    • Remember, there are three steps to a healthy lifestyle…Balance It, Feed It and Move It.
    • The distribution of Advocare is a great way to get our bodies balanced for optimal quality of life. It also supports our coaches in receiving supplemental income to help them continue doing what they are great at…Coach! If you are a current Advocare customer (or distributor) you’re all set to order!  If you do not have an ID please email marisol@crossfitcic.com to get you signed up under one of our coaches.
  • Advocare 24 Day Challenge App can be found in the App Store and will guide you through the process.
  • Suggestions on ordering products: A few members have suggested the following products due to taste.
    • Herbal Cleanse System: Peaches and Cream
    • Spark: Any – they all taste good!
    • MNS:
      • MNSe: Core Nutrition with Energy
      • MNS3: Comprehensive weight loss system updated w/CardioQ
      • MNSc: Core Nutrition with Appetite Control
    • Meal Replacement: Chocolate
    • Add Ons:
      • Catalyst: Helps maintain muscle mass during exercise, helps preserve muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction and helps repair and protect muscle tissue.
      • ThermoPlus: Supports the body’s avility to convert fat into energy, promotes a healthy metabolism, contains oolong team and sage extracts to support weight loss.
      • Carb-Ease Plus: Helps reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates and fats, supports healthy blood glucose already in the normal range, helps reduce the negative effects of excessive carbohydrat consumption and provides support for body consumption.
      • Add’l Meal Replacements
    • Please email marisol@crossfitcic.com to request the following documents:
      •  Cookbooks
      • Paleo Manual
      • Recipes
      • 24 Day Challenge Daily Guide
      • 24 Day Challenge Maintenance

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